Heart Warrior


This poem inspired me to draw today. I created my own spiritual warrior. Enjoy my art! Enjoy the poem! I hope in brings inspiration to you.

Love always,
Crislyn Sand

Life offers us the opportunity to become a Spiritual Warrior. A warrior is one who bravely goes into those dark areas within themselves to ferret out the Truth of their being. It takes great courage, stamina and endurance to become a Spiritual Warrior.

The path is narrow, the terrain rough and rocky. You will walk alone: through the dark caves, up those steep climbs and through the dense thick forest. You will meet your dark side. The faces of fear, deceit, and sadness all await your arrival.

No one can take this journey but you.
There comes a time, in each of our lives, when we are given the choice to follow this path. Should we decide to embark on this journey, we can never turn back…. Our lives are changed forever. On this journey, there are many different places we can
choose to slip into and hide. But the path goes on. The Spiritual Warrior stays the course, wounded at times,
exhausted and out of energy. Many times, the Warrior will struggle back to their feet to take only a few steps before falling again.

Rested, they forge on, continuing the treacherous path. The journey continues. The Spiritual Warrior
stays the course. Weakened, but never broken. One day, the battle, loneliness and desperate fights are over. The sun breaks through the clouds; the birds begin to sing
their sweet melodies. There is a change in the energy. A deep change within the self.

The warrior has fought the courageous fight. The battle of the dark night of the soul is won.
New energy now fills the Warrior.
A new path is now laid before them.
A gentler path filled with the inner-knowing of one who has personal empowerment.

With their personal battle won, they are filled with joy. A new awareness that they are one with the Spirit beams as they go forth to show others the way. They are not permitted to walk the path for others. They can only love, guide and be a living example of the Truth of their being.


I Believe

What I believe?

I believe in love.
I believe in goodness.
I believe in kindness.
I believe in being honest.
I believe in honoring other people.
I believe in being fair.
I believe in heaven and earth.
I believe in a supreme being a one true God.
I believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ.
I believe in miracles.
I believe in angels.
I believe in patience, understanding and forgiveness.
I believe in showing up.
I believe in the power of your spoken word.
I believe the human mind is all powerful beyond belief.
I believe in world peace & love.
I believe god lives in me, in everyone, and in every life form there is on earth.
I believe you only live once, though your memories live on in the lives of your children and in the Legacy you leave behind.
I believe you get out life what you put forward.
I believe there is no one correct answer to a certain question.
I believe everyone has the right to their own opinion and their own feelings.
I believe I’m worthy of love and acceptance and understanding from all the people who know me.
I believe I am a loving person and a good person.
I believe I normally have good intentions.
I believe in happiness.
I believe two people can grow in love together.
I believe in human nature, errors and mistakes are part of life and They help us to grow.
I believe in evolution.
I believe in the Holy Spirit.
I believe in energy and matter.
I believe that when I died my soul will go on to heaven and my body will
feed the earth and my spirit will remain alive with those I love.
I believe that at my core I am good.
I believe that I have the ability to change and grow.
I believe that I’m passionate.
I believe that I’m intelligent.
I believe that I have gifts and talents that are uniquely mine.
I believe that I am guided and protected by things unseen or unknown to me.
I believe in the power of prayer.
I believe in the power of intention.
I believe that there is not only one God but a God that takes many shapes and forms to fit the needs of his people.
I believe in Adam and Eve.
I believe in the wonders of the world.
I believe I will get married and have children one day.
I believe I will always land on my feet.
I believe that I will always remain humble.
I believe I can learn to be obedient.
I believe that I can give the best love of anyone.
I believe that life will always try to find a way to survive.
I believe that I will always have everything that I need in life.
I believe that there is Freewill.
I believe that I was born with a purpose.
I believe in magic.
I believe that everything I want in life I can have an obtain.
I believe God is amazing.
I believe I will work on faith and grow.
I believe that seeing is believing but also believing is seeing.
I believe that knowing and understanding are very different.
I believe that you must honor and listen to your feelings and your hearts desire.
I believe your heart already knows the answer.
I believe that empathy exist, I know that I am very empathic.
I believe that there are temptations and avoiding them helps us to grow.
I believe that the universe is always good.
I believe in a lot of things but most importantly is I BELIEVE IN ME, MYSELF, AND I.

© Crislyn Sand 12.12.12

My Christmas Present for you!

Hello My Little Elves,

Ready for Downloading!!



I would like to give you a personalized present this year.
I am willing to learn any Cover Song for you, Any Song of your choice Christmas Or Normal song…I will Record it for you and email you the MP3 or Burn you a CD and mail it to you.

This is my thank you present and Christmas present for you..I appreaciate all the support you have given me over the years, months, weeks, days, hours..*** All Request must be submitted before 12/15/12.

Email me at Crislynsand@gmail.com or Call / Text me at

Peace & Blessings to you all.

Love always,

This Christmas,
may you have the fulfillment
of seeing around you
the people you love the most.
May you have the satisfaction
of giving the best gift,
special memories that will last forever.
This Christmas,
may you feel peaceful and contented,
knowing what Christmas means to you
and celebrating it your way.

Wrapping Yourself Around My Heart

Wrapping Yourself Around My Heart

Wrapping Yourself Around My Heart © Crislyn Sand 11.21.12

Wind carry me back home.

Wind carry me back home.

Wind carry me back to the sea.

Stop wrapping yourself around my heart.

Don’t wanna fight this feeling.

Wind carry me back home.

Somewhere I wanna be lying next to you.

Wind carry me back home.

Fire burning in my heart.

I see you walk on the water and sink.

The earth is trying to take me away.

Stop wrapping yourself around my mind.

I don’t want to cry no more.

I won’t let you down.

You won’t fall if I’m around.

And the wind crys child now.

Marry me and you will finally see the fire burning in my heart.

Water makes me sink it’s so fluid now.

I can hardly see.

The earth is bring me back home to you.

That is were I am laying naked in your arms.

And I can see forever in your charms.

Bury yourself around me tight.

There is no other place I’d lay down my life.

Lay me back into your soul.

I’ll breath you in, you come rescue me.

Wind cries out at night, “Those Fears will bury you”.

Don’t let me leave just yet. Don’t let me go.

You have me now.. You have me now….

I can see it clear as the sun in the sky,

and the moon up above is smiling now.

You make my spirit sing.

You make me feel so clean.

Wind cries up at night.

You are nowhere around.

You’re nowhere around..

You hold me.

You love me.

And I cry — Baby you’ll see.

I need you here.

I need you here with me.

Wind carry’s me back home at night.

There’s no other words that I wish to hear.

When you say you need me, Say you Love me.

Say you never ever leave me..

Say you never will believe me.

I don’t trust this fire burning in me.

I can see it now.

I can taste it on my mouth.

Spirit is swallowing me whole.

I’m sinking in the sin of you.

Wind cries up at night.

I need you here inside me dear.

The fire burning in my bed at night.

As I’m washing away the water of my day.

Earth is bearing me up with foods I don’t want to eat.

I don’t wanna feel.

Can’t come up at night.

Stop wrapping yourself around my heart.

Stop wrapping yourself around my heart tonight.

I will love you tight.

Yes there are things that keep me up at night.

Like lying to you.

I do love you so.

I need you so.

I’ve missed you so.

I want you so..

Wind carry’s me away at night.


© Crislyn Sand 11.21.12

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