The founders of the boutique and showcase. Left, Emma Molina-Ynequez, center left,Joe Bull, center right Barbara Paul, right, Victoria Marie da Salla.

In the heart of every thriving community is a core of artists, teachers, healers and poets. Bonded by a mutual desire to express the human spirit and drawn together by a force of inexplicable magnetism, not every artistic community has a space to commune. Yet nestled on Foothill Boulevard, right between Lauderdale and Dunsmore Avenue, lies Que Linda Boutique Body & Soul Studio. The formation of the boutique was an amalgam of delightful coincidences, spontaneous community-building and a burning desire to provide spiritual, creative and healing services to the Foothills community. From this communion came The Emerging Artist Salon, an inclusive and attentive open mic hosted by Barbara Paul and Joe Bull every 3rd Friday of the month.
“I was in a car accident and in need of some massage therapy, and someone recommended Emma, one of the body workers who now works at Que Linda.” said Barbara. “When I found out she was starting Que Linda, I saw an amazing opportunity. I’ve lived in La Crescenta for about 21 years, and I’d always envisioned an open mic. It’s a wonderful opportunity for this community because there are so many creative people, musicians, artists, writers and poets, but there aren’t a lot of places you can express yourself. Now it has just magically occurred, and it’s drawn a lot of amazing people who all seem to appreciate how much of a blessing it is.”

Local Foothills poet Dillon Ross reciting after reciting his poem “Gaia You Are My Lover.

The Que Linda Boutique was founded by Victoria Marie da Salla and her mother Emma Molina-Ynequez, a highly sought spiritual guidance counselor and massage therapist. The boutique has a holistic, spa-like experience. They provide services and items that seek to assist in personal growth and soothe the mind, body and soul. Their goods come from all around the world, described as “tools for individuals to live a life in which they are peaceful and feel good in their own skin.” On the formation of Que Linda and the Emerging Artist Salon, Victoria says, “I came from an alternative school that was composed of like-minded people from all different backgrounds and cultures, yet it was always a nurturing environment. This place is a reflection of that and everything I’ve ever done. It started with literally two people, and two years later we’ve got a packed room with 40 people every 3rd Friday of the month. We run an hour over, and every performer and artist gets a chance to reveal something of themselves, their soul and their journey.”
One of those artists, local singer-songwriter Crislyn Sand recalls how she had lost her sense of self through unhappiness with everyday circumstances. “I wandered in and I had a session with Emma, and she really put me back in touch with my self. They not only helped me find my voice again, but they helped me find me identity, my purpose, and everything that I already am, but never knew.”
For more information on Que Linda or to find out more about the Emerging Artist Salon, visit:

Crislyn Sand, whose music can be found

Crislyn Sand

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