Happy New Year Friends!
I would like to gift you a “Song” for the new year.

The rules:
Select a song from a major recording artist, and I will learn the song for you and record it with a personal message of thanks and gratitude. It might take about 2/3 months for me to finish the songs but I am hoping to get it done for you to enjoy!

Please post the song you wish here, or you can email it to me directly crislynsand@gmail.com
Or text / call 310-853-3991

Deadline for the song request is 1/10/15 @ 7:30pm.

Here is a list of songs I have already gifted to people:
Sound of Silence
Hold Your Hand
Change Gonna Come
As I Lay Me Down
And I Love Her
Ring of Fire.

Available for free download already:
Entered the “Name Your Price” Then “$0.00” amount and it will be FREE!

Crislyn Sand

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I am thankful for the basics: food, clothing and comfortable shelter; the rest is a bountiful bonus.
I am thankful for work, play, and the treasured people who make these experiences richer and more meaningful.
I am most thankful for family and friends, especially the dear friends who are reading this

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