Here’s a Song I have been working on.
It’s a super rough recording, but I wanted to get the idea out and recorded.

Take my heart and break it,
So I can be set free.
Take my mind and shake it,
of all the doubts in me.

So I can, So I can Move On….

Take my kiss and make it,
the breath that gives you life.
Take my soul to the place
that brings me back home.

So I can, So I can Let Go….

Take my eyes and see the
love that is always there.
Guiding each of us to feel our dreams alive.

So I can, So I Can Be Whole.

Take me, Take me..
So I can, So I can Move on, Let go, Be whole.

Crislyn Sand

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I am thankful for the basics: food, clothing and comfortable shelter; the rest is a bountiful bonus.
I am thankful for work, play, and the treasured people who make these experiences richer and more meaningful.
I am most thankful for family and friends, especially the dear friends who are reading this

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